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    How To Feel Better When Having Cold, Nutritionist Shares

    Some easy home remedies can help you feel a lot better when suffering from common cold. 
    Published -13 Nov 2021, 10:44 ISTUpdated -13 Nov 2021, 10:58 IST
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    Once again, it is that time of the year when a lot of us wake up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Winters are here and the chilly winds bring along common cold and cough for many of us. 

    Catching cold at the onset of winter season is quite common. Though it isn't a serious issue, it can take about a week or so for you to get back to normal.

    A week or two you can have regular medicines for cold and cough but honestly, that alone can't make your feel better. 

    Recently, Nutritionist Ekta Sood took to her Instagram handle and shared some easy remedies to feel better when having cold. On her Instagram story, she wrote, "Sun+ warm ginger, garlic, tulsi and haldi tea, some rest and lots of hydration."

    How To Feel Better When Having Cold?

    Soak In The Sun

    Nutritionist Ekta Sood on her post shared that soaking in some sun can help one feel better when having cold. Spending more time in the sun when having cold and cough can benefit in many ways. This way, you absorb more vtiamin D, which helps in boosting immunity of the body. 

    Also, soaking up the winter sun helps in making you feel more energetic. 

    Drink Ginger And Garlic Tea 

    ginger garlic tea for cold

    Nutritionist Ekta Sood also shared an easy recipe of the ginger garlic tea for cold. Read on. 

    Ginger Garlic Tea For Cold 

    Ingredients Required - 

    • Ginger- 1 Coin
    • Garlic - 3 Cloves
    • Cinnamon Stick- ¼ 
    • Tulsi Leaves- 3-4 
    • Fenugreek Seeds- 1 Spoon
    • Haldi Raw- 1 Small Piece
    • Water - 1 Ltr
    • Honey - 1 Tsp
    • Lemon - 1/2

    Directions - 

    • Crush ginger and garlic together.
    • Boil all the ingredients with water except lemon and honey.
    • Reduce to half in low flame.
    • Add lemon and honey once you pour the tea in cup.
    • Drink this tea twice a day (250ml each time). 
    • You can make it once and consume through the day.

    Take Rest 

    common cold remedies

    The nutritionist also shared that one must take rest as much as possible. This is because our body needs rest to heal and get back to normal quickly.

    Stay Hydrated 

    It is crucial to stay hydrated all day when you are suffering from cold. Drink up water through the day. You can have regular water or warm water with honey and lemon. You can also drink green and fruit juices through the day. Keeping yourself hydrated helps loosen up congestion and prevents dehydration too. One must completely avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks.

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    Drink Hot Soup

    hot soup for cold

    Image Courtesy: Ekta Sood/Instagram

    Next, the nutritionist shared that having homemade chicken soup or tomato soup with lots of black pepper can be beneficial to feel better when you are having cold. 

    Sipping on hot liquids is one of the oldest, tried and tested remedies for cold and cough. Sip on warm liquids like soup. This helps in easing up congestion by increasing the mucus flow. 

    Though these natural remedies should help you feel better when having cold, they might not work for everyone. If you cold persists for a longer duration, you should consult your doctor for treatment immediately. 

    For more such health related stories, stay tuned!

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