Due to this pandemic, working from home has become rather stressful. Do de-stress, we cannot even call in someone for a massage due to the lockdown and well for our own safety these days. So what does one do? Worry not, as there are several ways of self-massage, and here is a list of what all you can do step by step for that migraine, foot massage, neck pain, severe lower backache, and more.

Tips To Self Massage For The Neck Pain

We sit in front of the screen - be it a laptop, phone or a TV - for so long that we forget our poor neck suffers a lot. The muscles tighten and then we have a severe ache.  So to remedy that, follow these steps.

  • Instead of hunching, lower your shoulders and straighten your back and neck. 
  • With your fingers, locate the areas hurting you and press them firmly. 
  • Move your fingers in circular motions and do the same in the opposite direction as well.
  • Continue to do so for 5 minutes.

To Combat Those Headaches 

  • Straighten your backs and neck and locate the base of your skull with your fingers. 
  • Place the index and middle fingers of each hand on the center with just your fingertips touching.
  • With gentle pressure, slide your fingers downward and move in the direction which feels the best and comforts you. 
  • Moving your fingers in small circular motions, do so on all the tense spots. 

How To Deal With Constipation Relief With A Self Massage

We are eating so much wrong food or simply forgetting to sip on water that constipation should not be surprising. So to combat the same, follow these steps. 

  • Lie down straight on your back and place your hands with the palms down, on the right side of your stomach.
  • Massage your stomach in a circular motion and take the direction slowly towards the ribs.
  • Now from the right, move towards the left slowly, into the ribs and then downwards towards the stomach to your pelvic bone. 
  • Massage your belly button for 3 minutes in a circular motion.

Severe Back Pain Solutions

back neck

There are 2 techniques for the same. 

Lower Back 

You need no equipment here. 

  • Cross your legs and sit on the floor with your back straight. 
  • On either side of the sacrum which is the flat bone at the bottom of our spine, place your thumbs.
  • In a small circular motion, move the thumbs up and down the bone.  
  • Apply pressure on the tense spots and keep i like that for a few seconds then release. 
  • Continue and take deep breaths.

Using A Tennis Ball 

  • Lie down, keep your back straight but the knees bent. 
  • Place the tennis ball under the tense spot and hold for 20 seconds.
  • If you wish to add more pressure then gently rotate your body to lean on the tennis ball. 
  • To increase the pressure, you can also cross one ankle over the opposite knee.
  • Once done, roll away from the ball, then get up. Make sure you do not roll onto the ball as that could cause more pain.

For Period Pain

To combat the period pain, there is a simple massage using tennis balls.

  • Lie flat on your back with your legs bent. Make sure your soles are on the ground.
  • Place two tennis balls under your lower back, but the spacing should be equal, right where your hip bone and sacrum meet.
  • Massage the area by lifting and lowering your hips.

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Aching Feet

foot massage

This can also be done while you are sitting on your chair and working. Here we need a tennis ball again. 

  • Simply remove your shoes and roll the ball down to your heel maintaining firm pressure. 



To treat a migraine we have acupressure points

  • Apply a little pressure where the forehead meets the bridge of the nose and stay like that for a whole minute for relief.
  • The next one is on either side of your face. Place your index fingers where your cheekbones end near your nose.
  • The third point is situated just behind the jaws. Just apply little pressure and this may help relax the head and neck.
  • The last one is at the base of your skull where your spine begins. Simply put little pressure with your fingertips to feel the relief. 

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Do consult a specialist so that nothing goes wrong. Some of them, including the foot ache and migraine have been tried and tested by me. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.