Having a healthy gut is very important for your immunity, mental and physical health. There are many microorganisms which are present in the digestive tract. But you have keep them balanced. Here is a list of what all you must keep in mind.

Have Probiotics & Fermented Foods


Have food which are good for your bacteria and that means having probiotic food and supplements. Some of them include kimchi, fermented veges, kombucha, curd, miso etc. 

Prebiotic Fiber

Probiotics feed on prebiotics which are nondigestible carbohydrates. This lets beneficial bacteria multiply in the gut. Have more of bananas, asparagus, garlic, chicory, garlic and whole grains. 

Go Low On Sugar & Other Sweeteners

You have to have less of sweeterners as they can cause an imbalance of gut microbes. If you do not work on that, you may be at high risk of having diabetes and heart diseases. 

Stress Reduction For Gut Health


If you are sleep deprived, it can negatively affect your gut health. Stress has a major role in that which is why you must avoid all those stressors. The stressors we are talking about here include. 

  • Less sleep
  • Psychological stress
  • Environmental stress which could also include noisy environment. 

Try mediating, dancing and exercises which wrelease happy hormones and work on the stress you have been experiencing. You must also eat healthy as you become what you eat. 

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Avoid Antibiotics 

To fight infections you must have antibiotics but then too much of anything is bad. An overdose can be rather damaging. 

Avoid Smoking

No good comes out of smoking and that includes our gut health. Smoking can ruin the health of the heart and lungs. Smoking can lead to intestinal and systemic conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease

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