Baby wipes are crucial and a part of all baby kits and bags of moms. But the catch is that some of these wipes can be really harsh on the baby's skin and make the rashes worse. So which ones should you truly invest in as there are so many brands out there in the market? So here is a list of the top 5 baby wipes in India that have received good reviews so far. f you are lucky, you can buy them at a cheaper price amid sales. So select yours and get them ASAP! 

Mother Sparsh 99 % Water Based Wipes (Unscented) 

 mother sparsh

This pack of 72 pieces costs Rs 299. These have 99% water, are clinically proven for preventing rashes, suitable for all, are 100% biodegradable. It has no parabens or alcohol and is unscented! It contains 100% plant fabric. They are three times thicker than regular wipes and suit sensitive to normal skin type. 

Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes

mamaearth baby wipes

This pack of 72 wipes is priced at Rs 249. It is made of almond oil, organic bamboo cloth, shea butter, lavender oil, aloe vera extract, glycerin, aqua, D panthenol, and is polyester free, certified by Made Safe Organization. These are easy to carry around when you are travelling with your baby. It comes with a protective lid that locks the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer. The brand claims that it causes no irritation with the constant use of these wipes. The wipes are pH balanced and are clinically tested.

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes 

mee mee baby wipes

This is a pack of 3 with 72 Pcs and has aloe vera, priced at Rs 297. It is free from bacteria and alcohol. It cleanses baby skin and has hypoallergenic ingredients and dermatologically tested. It is made of spun lace, non-woven material. Infused with aloe vera it has a soothing scent. Keeps your baby fresh and moisturised.

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Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

himalaya baby wipes

This pack of 72 wipes is priced at Rs 184. It has the power of herbs, moisturises skin, contains aloe, almond oil, olive oil and is free from parabens, animal fats and synthetic colours. 

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Huggies Nourishing Clean Baby Wipes with Cucumber & Aloe Vera 

huggies baby wipes

Buy this pack of 72 pieces for Rs 220. It is soap-free, cleans and nourishes the baby's skin. Each wipe has 68% natural fibers like pulp which results in an absorbent clean. It is paraben & MIT free, alcohol-free (means ethanol & isopropanol), has vitamin E, and is enriched with aloe vera. It is clinically tested and has a light fragrance. 

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